Biometric Attendance System


We provide Biometric solutions that are widely used in Offices, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Corporate, Airports, Banks and various industries for maintaining the attendance record of students, teachers, employees and others. World class quality and cost effective solutions provided by us have brought in appreciation from our clients.

Recording time and attendance has become a very important task in the day to day business operations. Today, there are various systems available to measure time & attendance, from manual to complete automation. Biometric based Time Attendance system provides the desired automation while ensuring authenticity and eliminating impersonation.

Our Solutions comprises of three key elements
Easy enrolment
Fast clocking systems
Ease to use

It is a time saving solution. It has the fastest and safest method of tracking employee time and attendance
Simple and Easy to install and usage
Effective and Efficient way of recording attendance
Can easily manage employee's productivity time and attendance
Easily customizable as per your requirement

Savings in Cost: The check in/check out time for each employee is now very accurate, and the procedures for reporting the times for the employees who have worked has become much more streamlined and efficient (less employees are needed to process the Time and Attendance Information and Data as a result of the automated process).

Face Recognition Attendance System : Face Recognition time attendance system is suitable for small, medium and large businesses and it can be integrated with payroll and time attendance system.

Other Biometric based softwares as follows:

VPAMS : Fingerprint Biometric based Visitor Pass and Access Management System
Inventory Management System : Bar Code Based Store Management
CMS : College Management System
PMIS : Pathology Management & Inventory Management System
CAS : Candidate Authentication System, to stop proxy examinees
Biometric ID Cards : Smart card based ID card Solution powered with Biometrics
Inventory Management System : Bar Code Based Store Management